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Sue Rodriguez Sue.Rodriguez at usm.edu
Fri Apr 29 16:57:26 PDT 2005

Good evening, all,

PowerPC G4, dual processor, 10.3.9,

I have done something with my Microsoft Word program.  The menu line (the
top line with the blue apple) only shows ³Word²  ³Format²  ³Toolbars² and
³Tools.²  For some reason, ³File,¹ ³Edit,² and ³View² have disappeared.  I
am sure that it is some silly thing that I did, but I can¹t seem to correct
it.  If there is anyone on the list who knows how to correct this, I would
appreciate their suggestions.

I do have another option, which is totally reinstalling the program.
However, I don¹t want a second copy of Word on my computer and I don¹t know
what to throw away.  I once (long ago) threw away the shared libraries and
couldn¹t do anything.  Any suggestion as to how to reinstall MSW?

Thanks for any suggestions,

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