[X-Newbies] SSH and config file

Vincent Cayenne vcayenne at mac.com
Sun Dec 4 03:08:23 PST 2005

At 10:06 AM +0000 12/4/05, Chris Walker wrote:
>I've been reading up on OSX security.  One of the things that I use
>quite often is SSH and a recent security guide suggests disabling SSH v1
>which is known to have security problems leaving it to default to v2 only.
>This is done by editing the file:  /etc/sshd_config and changing one
>line.  Now I shall probably regret this but where is this file as I
>can't find it and how would I do the editing - eg in terminal, BBEdit,
>text edit?

You've actually stated where the file is - the "/etc/sshd_config" 
above means the file named "sshd_config" in the "etc" directory at 
the top level of your drive.

You can edit from Terminal, or using BBEdit, or TextWrangler. Or any 
other text editor. It must remain plain text, however.
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