[X-Newbies] Re:Mail and junk training

David Elmo david_elmo at optusnet.com.au
Sat Dec 17 13:42:15 PST 2005

> From: Frank Eves MD <drfrankeves at shaw.ca>

> On 16-Dec-05, at 1:51 PM, david_elmo wrote:
>> In training the junk filter, is it important to keep the junk till
>> the training is over or has the lesson been absorbed immediately on
>> marking as junk and one can safely chuck it out?
> It's safe to chuck it.
> Consider retaining some of the SPAM for training purposes if you plan
> to use SpamSieve or JunkMatcher at a later date.
> <http://c-command.com/spamsieve/>
> <http://junkmatcher.sourceforge.net/Home/index.html>
> Frank

Thank you. Sounds good advice.

David Elmo

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