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Scott scott-xlists at scotist.com
Tue Dec 27 10:07:11 PST 2005

On Dec 27, 2005, at 1:01 AM, Chris Walker wrote:

> Hi all,
> I know that Haxies are frowned on but I have used Fruit Menu for some
> time with no apparent problems.  However this was when I ran as Admin.
> Now on my new G5 this being my main machine, I'm running as User for
> security reasons.  This brings its own problems one of which is that I
> cannot (as user) create aliases to anything in the Applications folder
> which is owned by admin.  I can see this is for security but is there
> any way round it without imperilling security?  All I want to do is  
> put
> an alias of my apps in the Apple Menu via Fruit Menu.
> Needless to say if I log in as Admin I can do it all no problems.   
> I did
> think that if I did it in the Admin account the User account would  
> 'see'
> it but apparently not.

You're trying to use the File menu's "make alias" command, no?  You  
can't do this, not because  the admin owns the app, but because the  
admin owns the applications folder - you can't write to the folder,  
even to create an alias.

The workaround is not only simple, but it saves you a step, if you  
dislike changing the name of the alias you create from "something  
alias" to "something".

While holding down the option and the apple key, drag the application  
you want to alias to your desktop, or even directly to the final  
destination (in this case, wherever Fruit Menu stores its aliases).
Holding down the option and apple keys forces the finder to create an  
alias, rather than try to move the item in question. Holding down  
only the option key would copy the item instead.

Scott Buntin
ASAP Mac & PC Services
Portland, Oregon

scott at asapmac.com

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