[X-Newbies] Changing Names of Applications

Al Poulin alpoulin at cox.net
Sun Jan 2 17:40:46 PST 2005

Hello listers:

I understand that renaming things in OS X can sometimes bring disaster. 
  I am using Panther 10.3.7.

I have installed two Harry Potter games with very similar names.  The 
distinguishing parts like "...and the Sorcerer's Stone" and "...and the 
Chamber of Secrets" are missing.  Both games are in the Applications 

Can I add the words "Stone" and "Secrets" to the names without buying 
into problems down the line?


Al Poulin
Anger, hate, and revenge are for the devil, forgiveness is for God, 
proactive self-defense is for the rest of us.

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