[X-Newbies] mac-wizards: Mount drive?

CP vze2rwkt at verizon.net
Thu Jan 20 07:08:12 PST 2005

Ok folks… here's one that's just getting me.

I have an external Lacie drive, that I can see with just about any 
software program for repairing drives I have i.e., Apple's drive 
utility, Nortons, Disk Warrior, Techtool…, but I can't mount it?

It does say, it needs to have repairs done, which I say, go for it, but 
the program runs for hours and doesn't seem to do anything.

I can see it with Apple's utility, when I'm trying to install a OS on 
it, but it says - it can't install the software till the problems are fixed!

Now do you think I should send it back to Lacie, and hope they can get 
it working / installing an OS or whatever (WITHOUT losing any of the 
files on the drive) - or has someone here run into something like this, 
and have a fix / cure?


Mac OS X 10.3.7
G5 2.5 GHz

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