[X-Newbies] web design software info

Chris Walker chris at mymac.demon.co.uk
Mon Oct 10 08:26:32 PDT 2005

On 10/10/05 Richard ramsowr wrote: 

>......looking for some insight and directon in finding a
>good low cost, user friendly and eye catching web site
>design software tool - such as RapidWeaver, Freeway
>Express or Freeway Pro - any ideals , likes or

Rapidweaver is very good but is template based.  This speeds up the
design but is rather limiting.  FreeWay pro is extremely good and easy to
use.  It can be extended via FW 'Actions' and people have created
everything from small home sites to full blown e-commerce stuff.  There
is a very friendly and active mailing list as well, so the beginner can
get as much support as you need - from time to time even the MD puts in a

Preview (30 day trial) of the new Pro version 4 with full CSS support is at:

Note this is beta software, so use at your own discretion!



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