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Richard ramsowr r.ramsowr at sbcglobal.net
Mon Oct 10 14:05:41 PDT 2005

Tony thanks for the feed back ... most helpful. By the
way what are you using on your web site and your art
work is cool too!


--- Tony Johansen <tjoh7019 at bigpond.net.au> wrote:

> On 11/10/2005 1:52 AM, "Richard ramsowr"
> <r.ramsowr at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> > While I do like the fressness of freeway (what
> ever
> > that means) its cost is a issue to a guy in
> startup
> > mode. I came to Radipweaver because of it new
> pending
> > release and it price was in the ballpark. Both
> seen to
> > be user friendly.
> You could look at it from this point of view. There
> is the difficult and
> long learning time Dreamweaver and Flash. They do
> everything, but they
> require understanding that takes a while to acquire.
> Easier, not quite as powerful but still complex is
> GoLive
> Easier again is Freeway, and again not quite so
> powerful.
> Nvu comes about here, like Freeway relatively easy
> to use.
> Composer is the no-frills, no pretences, easiest of
> all to use.
> I would advise starting with an easier program and a
> good how to book. You
> are less likely to get lost and as time progresses
> get a more sophisticated
> program. Only you can know just how far you want to
> go in the end. And cost
> always needs to be justified by the amount of use
> you get out of something.
> Tony,
> http://www.tonyjohansen.com
> A Life In Art
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