[X-Newbies] First time LAN

Al Poulin alpoulin at cox.net
Mon Oct 10 17:00:01 PDT 2005

On Oct 10, 2005, at 2:42 PM, Steven Rogers wrote:
> Initial cost might not be the most important thing, since a 
> troublesome router can waste tons of your time. Netgear is probably 
> OK. Linksys used to be good, but the quality is unreliable now, though 
> their manuals are reasonably well written. SMC has quality gear, but 
> the manuals are just horrible. I'm not really up on the latest on 
> D-link and Belkin. You can usually get a good idea by looking through 
> the review sites.

Asanté makes routers that are reliable and their documentation, both 
online and in hard copy, is particularly Macintosh friendly.  One does 
not have to know any of the geeky networking stuff.  Check their 
documentation and products at
  http://www.asante.com  .

Al Poulin
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