[X-Newbies] Deleting Artwork from iTunes

Bernard Munter bernard at susanmunter.com
Fri Oct 14 21:01:19 PDT 2005

On 15/10/2005 0941, "Steven Rogers" <srogers1 at austin.rr.com> wrote:

> On Oct 14, 2005, at 6:14 PM, Scott wrote:
>> Select one of the songs.
>> Get Info.
>> Click "Artwork".
>> Click on the picture.
>> Click Delete.
>> Click OK.
> Ah, the *artwork* tab.
Instead of on-by-one, try selecting all of the songs to delete artwork from,
press cmd-I (Get Info...), say OK to doing multiple items and set the
checkmark ON adjacent to the Artwork thumbnail (should be blank for
multiple, different artwork), click OK -- then say OK to altering/deleting
artwork for multiple songs.


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