[X-Newbies] Using airport card with linksys router?

Thomas McDermott Jr tjm at pobox.com
Sun Oct 23 20:37:23 PDT 2005

Good evening,
	Have been trying to figure out this issue and haven't been able to 
find a solution.  My 12" powerbook has an airport extreme card 
installed and I use it on my aiport network at home without any 
security or other issues.  When I take my computer to my folk's house 
and try and get on their linksys WRT54G router I am denied any and 
all access.  I have tried wep encryption and wap encryption (I am the 
one who set their network up) but I still can't figure out why my 
powerbook can't log on and find the proper security 
"key".  Eventually, I just had it login only by mac address and that 
works..but its not going to help with the other users of the 
network.  Is there a way to log on properly and that it accepts my 
attempts at security?



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