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Eugene list-themacintoshguy at fsck.net
Mon Apr 24 17:19:22 PDT 2006

On Mon, Apr 24, 2006 at 04:51:55PM CDT, Brian Durant <globetrotterdk at gmail.com> wrote:
: On 4/24/06, Raoul Armfield <armfield at amnh.org> wrote:
: > Brian Durant wrote:
: > >
: > > 5 KB is totally unrealistic.
: >
: > Most of the list I subscribe to ask that you trim excess information of
: > the reply.
: I agree that storage can be an issue and that long, technical replies should
: be edited before being sent. There was never a problem on these lists before
: they were moved to Google. I find it hard to believe that Google places
: these very strict limits on the e-mail as I am sure Google is automatically
: archiving everything that we write on list.

This mailing list is not a Google mailing list.  So whatever
restrictions you have encountered were instituted by the folks
who run this list.  Note the To: header...

	To: x-newbies at listserver.themacintoshguy.com

: The reality regardless, is still that I have not by any sense of the word
: included the proverbial kitchen sink in my replies and it irritates me that
: I suddenly get a message that listmom has to review as to whether or not my
: reply can slip through the eye of the needle, when what I was simply doing
: was trying to find a solution to a technical problem, as quickly, smoothly
: and peacefully as possible. With this tight control, I have to wait and see
: if my e-mail is at all added to the list. What if listmom is on vacation or
: away on business for a couple of days?

If you have to wait, you have to wait.  Hopefully this list has
multiple listmoms so that if one is on vacation, another can
still review your message.  As for the 5 KB limit itself, I am
for it.  It forces people to trim their posts and quote only the
most relevant bits.  It helps people to obey netiquette, rules
that have been in place longer than almost all Internet users.


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