[X-Newbies] I'm having a real problem getting IPhoto to work after a rebuild...

Vincent Cayenne vcayenne at mac.com
Wed Feb 15 05:48:38 PST 2006

At 5:27 AM -0800 2/15/06, Richard Ramsowr wrote:
>"You can't open your current photo library using this
>version of iPhoto
>You have to make changes to your photo library using a
>newer version of iPhoto. Please quit and use the
>latest version of iPhoto."

Have you used a version of iPhoto more recent than v2 at some point 
in time? 'Cause the message implies that you have, which may mean 
that you can never use an earlier version than the one which updated 
the library. You'd perhaps then have to create a new library? 
Re-importing the images from their actual location? I'm guessing 
without some confirmation of my 1st question above...
'tis as said. [Reality is defined by being described]

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