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hey, Thanks for all the anwers, that was really helpful...
I found this blog that some of you might find useful...

· Charles Arthur, the editor of Technology Guardian, gives more detail 
about the worm here.


   carwesg at aol.com said:

>Just got an e-mail informing that there is a Virus for us, MAc users!!!
>What do you think?




Apparently it is more in the way of a Trojan, not a virus, and it is 
malicious. So there is really no reason to get upset about this. The
above links offer several ways to guard against it.

>I thought a G5 having a firewall was protected!

A firewall really has little or nothing to do with virus or Trojan
protection.  A firewall keeps outsiders from accessing your computer 
the Internet.  In other words it protects you from hackers.  However, a
firewall obediently allows you to download anything that you want to.  
firewall therefore does  nothing to keep you from downloading a virus
infected file or a Trojan.  If you are worried about the latter, what 
need is an anti-virus program that will scan incoming software.

>Are we protected or should we protect ourselves and how?

There are third-party offerings to protect you against malware, but
generally Apple only offers security patches to prevent broad 
or types of security breaches.  They don't usually offer specific
anti-virual or Trojan protection.  At least they never have in the past.

If you want an anti-virus program that will protect you from all known
Mac malware, and any that will arise in the future, I highly recommend
Intego's Virus Barrier:


But if you didn't feel that you needed anti-virus software before, I
don't think that this latest Trojan is important enough that it should
change your view on this.

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