[X-Newbies] Missing internal hard drive

Lynn Persing lpersing at adelphia.net
Fri Feb 17 19:30:31 PST 2006


I just realized a few days ago that the internal 20GB hard drive in 
my G4 sawtooth is not appearing on my desktop anymore.  I installed a 
second internal 80GB drive a couple years ago and have OS X.3.9 on 
it, which has been my startup and main drive.  The old 20GB contains 
all my old files (and OS 9) from my Performa days.

I also added an external LaCie drive to use for backup of my 80GB 
drive, which has been working nicely for a couple months.

A couple weeks ago, I had some funky problems where my machine booted 
and couldn't find it's system folder, and I ended up reinstalling 
X.3.9.  Everything has been running smoothly until a few days ago 
when I noticed that my old 20GB, OS 9 drive was gone.  I'm not sure 
how long it's been gone because I really only need to get something 
off of it occasionally.

I started up my disk utility and I can see the drive, it shows as a 
19. something or other GB drive, and I can see my missing drive's 
name below it, but it's greyed out.  I can run verify and repair on 
the drive and it all tests ok. If I click on the greyed out name of 
my drive, and click the mount button, I hear a click but it does not 
mount of my desktop?

I tried a demo version of Data Rescue to see if files were still on 
the drive, and it appears that all my files are there (I couldn't 
recover them with the demo version.)

My question is....is my drive belly up or is there just something I 
am missing as far as getting it to mount?  The fact that I can see it 
and that Data Rescue found all the files on it, makes me think that I 
just don't know how to make it mount.  Any ideas?  I've never had a 
hard drive failure in all my years of computer use (knock on wood), 
so I don't know what to expect.

Thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to help!


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