[X-Newbies] Re: Upgrading to Tiger (finally!)

Charles Martin chasm at mac.com
Fri Nov 23 10:20:19 PST 2007

> From: Mark Taintor <markwt at mac.com>
> I'm finally upgrading my G4/533 to Tiger and have several questions
> before I do:
> 1. I don't have a DVD drive

> 2. Although I know it's probably best to wipe the drive and do a clean
> install, I'd prefer not to do that.


My advice to you would be "stop."

You're really opening yourself up for a lot of unnecessary trouble by  
taking the more complicated path here.

Save yourself a lot of time, frustration and effort and do the  

1. Call Apple (or check your favourite Apple-authorised online  
merchant) and order the CD version of Tiger. Better yet, investigate  
buying an external firewire DVD drive (they're CHEAP these days!).  
Trying to install Tiger remotely via Target Mode is at best  
overcomplicated and at worst disastrous route.

2. While there's no need to wipe the drive clean (an "archive and  
install" as you have planned will probably be fine), I **would**  
strongly suggest the following routine:

a. Repair permissions (and run Disk Warrior if you have it).
b. Use SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner to make a complete bootable  
clone to an external HD.
c. Test the clone by booting from it.
d. Once you're sure you have a complete clone, ERASE the original HD.
e. Booting from the cloned drive, use SD or CCC to copy BACK to the  
original HD. This has the effect of doing a massive defraging and re- 
check of all the sectors of the HD. This is, as Martha Stewart might  
say, a "Good Thing."
f. Test the "refreshed" original HD by booting from it.
g. NOW insert the CD version of Tiger or boot from your new DVD drive  
and proceed with the archive & install of Tiger.
h. When finished, repair permissions again.
i. Live a happy long life in peace and harmony. :)

The whole procedure above won't take as long as it looks, and will be  
much less prone to any headaches.

Have fun and welcome to Tiger!

PS. The speed of your machine suggests to me that this is probably the  
last upgrade you should do to this computer. It's time to start  
thinking about your next machine ...

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