[X-Newbies] How to unlock keychain and Apple Mail problem!

Christopher Collins maclist at analogdigital.com.au
Tue Aug 5 00:34:15 PDT 2008

That was exactly what I said. It isn't your mail password that it is  
talking about.

So boot off your original Leopard/Tiger DVD, and go to "Utilities" (I  
think) on the menubar and click "Reset password" (I think again) to  
reset your password.

That should all you to set any password you like and/or remove all  
passwords! And that will also, as far as I am aware, change the  
password on your keychain!


On 05/08/2008, at 10:25 AM, J wrote:

> IN my case I know it's not my mail password.
> It's for the master entry to keychain, which I have never set in the  
> first place...
> There is no password.
> On Aug 1, 2008, at 8:33 PM, Christopher Collins wrote:
>> From what you have said so far, it isn't asking about your Mail  
>> password, so anything you do to mail isn't going to make a  
>> difference.
>> It seems to be talking about your administrative password.
>> Now if memory serves, and i've only been an OS X user for about 12  
>> months, you can boot from your Leopard/Tiger DVD and reset your  
>> password from there.
>> That should totally reset it for everything including your keychain.
>> cjc
>> On 02/08/2008, at 3:30 AM, Patty Woodbury wrote:
>>> I wish I knew, too, Mark! I have used keychain first aid, reset my  
>>> password 1 zillion times in Apple Mail and I still keep getting  
>>> asked for my password. Deleted com.apple.mail.plist -that didn't  
>>> work either. I also created a NEW keychain. Ran Disk Utility. I  
>>> wish I knew the answer.
>>> Good luck with this.
>>> Patty
>>> On Aug 1, 2008, at 10:27 AM, Mark Des Cotes wrote:
>>>> Have you tried your administrator's password? If you never set  
>>>> one up it might be possible that there's no password. Try leaving  
>>>> the field blank and clicking 'OK'.
>>>> Mark
>>>> On 1-Aug-08, at 1:46 AM, Christopher Collins wrote:
>>>>> I think it relates to the password on your username that you use  
>>>>> to login to your Mac.
>>>>> As in your Administrative password.
>>>>> cjc

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