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Keith Mills 4.oiseaux at wanadoo.fr
Wed Dec 3 06:39:46 PST 2008

I have read your comments below and those of others. What do you  
recommend to a naive user like me? Do nothing and continue as before?  
Or take up the original "advice" and buy into one of the products  
recommended? By the way I am still using version 10.3.9.

Thank you.

On 2 déc. 08, at 22:38, Randy B. Singer wrote:
> On Dec 2, 2008, at 5:20 AM, Brian Durant wrote:
>> Apple pushes anti-virus for Macs.
>> "The support note recommends that Mac owners install one or more of  
>> three anti-virus products...
>> Apple recommended users try McAfee VirusScan, Symantec Norton  
>> Anti-Virus 11, or Intego VirusBarrier X5."
> Apple is suggesting that you use anti-virus (AV) software because they  
> are covering their asses.  That way if, god forbid, a tremendously  
> virulent piece of malware were to suddenly appear, they could say "we  
> told you to use AV software" and they would be absolved from blame.
> Of course, they say just the opposite in this television commercial:
> <http://movies.apple.com/movies/us/apple/getamac_ads1/ 
> viruses_480x376.mov>
> or
> http://comapple.notlong.com
> Note that while Apple suggests using AV software, they don't mention  
> any specific threats.  That's because there are no really serious  
> threats currently.
> If a malicious virus shows up for the Macintosh (and we all know that  
> it is imminent, because we have been told that it is imminent by  
> Windows apologists and "security experts" for 8 years now) it will be  
> all over the press, and they will be telling you specifically what it  
> is you have to protect yourself from.
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