[X-Newbies] Re: 2 Firewire or not 2 Firewire, that is the MacBook question.

J themacintoshlady at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 15 03:26:51 PST 2009

On Jan 15, 2009, at 4:53 AM, Randy B. Singer wrote:
> "Works extremely well" is debatable.  It is a "softmodem" that is  
> sensitive to line noise and which uses your Mac's processor to  
> work.  So performance is often much less than you might expect.
> For a very long discussion about this, see:
> http://www.macintouch.com/modemproblems.html
> A better choice for the same price is:
> U.S. Robotics 56K* USB Faxmodem  $50
> http://www.usr.com/products/modem/modem-product.asp?sku=USR5637

This is good to know. Recently my state was declared a federal  
disaster area because of a prolonged power outage.

Even though I had a generator to keep me warm, the cable was out for  
a very long time. I had to revert to dialup, just to get email so I  
could update important happenings and event cancellations at the very  
least as I manage a huge calendar.

The most I got from my Titanium/500's modem was 28.8, while working  
off battery power. I had not tried my Powerbook G4 but it seems to  
have a modem as well.

Holy Cow. I hadn't had that slow a connection since 1996!


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