[X-Newbies] Importing Address Books

Scott scott-xlists at scotist.com
Wed Jul 22 07:17:31 PDT 2009

On Jul 11, 2009, at 2:16 AM, Clive Read wrote:

> I have used Entourage, Thunderbird and Mail as my eMail client and  
> have addresses in 6 regional address books in Thunderbird, that I  
> need to import into MAIL, so that I do not have to create all the  
> addresses again manually.
> I exported the content of each address book in csv format to the  
> desktop, but still cannot find the route to import them into 'Mail'.  
> Wherever I look I see references to 'scripts' - which I do not  
> understand.

In Address Book, File->Import->Text File.
Before doing so, fire up a spreadsheet and open up your CSV file. Make  
sure the first row is field names - "First Name","Last Name",etc. Then  
when you import the file AddressBook will try to map the fields  
correctly, and give you the option to tweak it a bit.


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