Problems compiling Php4.3.1 with java on Mac Os X

Mauro De Biasi m.debiasi at
Sun May 11 07:29:52 PDT 2003

First I configure Php with:
./configure --with-apxs --with-java=/Library/Java/Home
everything is OK, so I try to compile Php with
but I obtain many errors and warning messages about java components, like 
"jni.h: No such file or Directory", "parse errer before JavaVM", and many 
others. The Last is "Error 1".
I use Mac Os X 10.2.5 with yhe latest realease of Java 2 Platform, Standard 
Edition, version 1.4.1
Can someone help me, please?

Dr. Mauro De Biasi
emmea associati
Peziè 82
32043 Cortina d'Ampezzo
tel.  0436 876076
        348 7235764
e-mail  m.debiasi at

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