FTP/Firewall Help

Ben Jamieson ben at thyme-online.com
Fri Sep 19 13:26:56 PDT 2003

Hi folks

I'm having a nightmare setting up the firewall along with a third party FTP
server (Rumpus)

I have the firewall set to allow all IP's on ports 20 and 21.

All other rules (SSH, Admin, TB2, etc) work except this one, which fails
(client simply hangs and times out) when attempting to access FTP in either

I do not want to use Apple's built in FTP as it requires me to set up actual
accounts/sharepoints etc for every user, which, on this server which is used
purely for websites, is far too convoluted and complete overkill.

Apples Support Discussion boards come up with nothing, so any clues from the
gurus here?



PS Direct email preferred as on digest


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