[X-Servers] Listserver questions

Bob Bergey bob at bergey.net
Thu Mar 17 08:57:59 PST 2005

I ordered my first Xserve a few days ago and should have it in about 
a week, I hope. It will replace an older desktop G3 that's currently 
running Macjordomo to serve about 30 lists I manage (under OS 9.2.2).

I'm planning to migrate the lists to Mailman on the new Xserve, of 
course. I have a few questions I haven't found answers to yet -- 
maybe I'll find them in the documentation for the new machine when it 
arrives, but thought I'd ask here awhile anyway so I can plan 
properly for time to move the lists.

Are there tools included that will make it easier to move the lists 
to the new machine? I'm concerned about a couple of lists that have 
between 500 and 1000 subscribers; some are very active and I want to 
minimize any down time between moving from one machine to the other.

Regarding archives ... I know Mailman can archive automatically; are 
the archives searchable? The only thing I've been able to determine 
so far is that they can be viewed by date, subject, thread, and 
author. I'm currently maintaining archives manually using Filemaker 
Pro 5.0 -- a tedious and slow process -- and I'm hoping I can drop 
that. Also -- is there a way to move old messages from either email 
or a Filemaker database into the new Mailman archives?

Thanks for any help ... I appreciate it!


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