[X-Servers] Listserver questions

Peter C.S. Adams adamsp at cs.umb.edu
Thu Mar 17 12:02:43 PST 2005

Thus spake James Bucanek <subscriber at gloaming.com>, circa 3/17/2005 1:03 PM:
> The Mailman web interface provides for a "Mass subscribe" of multiple
> addresses at once.  Just paste your list into the text field and click on
> Import 

Make CERTAIN you do NOT check "notify list owner" (or whatever) when you do
this, or you will get a separate notification email for every single address
you add!

>> Regarding archives ... I know Mailman can archive automatically; are
>> the archives searchable?
> Not by default.  Or, at least, not in the configuration that ships with the
> XServe.  I think to make searchable archives, you have to hook Mailman's
> archive function with an external process or plug-in to export the archives
> into some other format.  You could then use something like MySQL

If your archives are public, you can put up a link to them and tell Google
to index your site, then use Google as a search tool. The downside to this
is that you will have a time lag between something reaching your archives
and being searchable by Google.


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