[X-Servers] Mail Server Mailing List

Peter C.S. Adams adamsp at cs.umb.edu
Mon Apr 10 12:49:32 PDT 2006

Thus spake Lydia Osborne <osborne at wc.edu>, circa 4/10/2006 2:38 PM:
> host www.wc.edu brings up the IP address of the web server. The domain
> name for the new mail server is different from the domain name of the
> old mail server and both  have different MX records. We can send e-mail
> from the new server but occasionally it just won't go to a certain domain.

I did a "dig kyrie.wc.edu mx" (which I assume is the OS X Server) and did
not see an MW record. Are you sure it has one?

Try "dig bouncing.domain mx" and see if there is an MX record for that
domain. I suspect the problem is in there somewhere: either the domains that
are bouncing don't have MX records or they are doing a reverse lookup on
wc.edu (e.g. for spam protection) and getting the wrong server's MX record.

I'm in a little over my head at this point, but I think you have a DNS
problem. Have you checked with your network administrator (or the one at
your ISP)?


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