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Wing Wong wingedpower at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 13:14:06 PDT 2006

On 4/10/06, Lydia Osborne <osborne at wc.edu> wrote:
> We are currently migrating from Exchange 5.5 to an OS X mail server. I
> am having odd issues with sending e-mail to various domains that folks
> on the Exchange side aren't having. One staff member on the old server
> can send an e-mail to xxx domain while her co-worker on the new server
> gets a bounce back of Host Not Found when he tries to send. Is there
> something we haven't configured to cause this?
> Thanks!
> Lydia

Hi Lydia,

Some questions:
1) Do both the new and old servers use the same DNS server?

The DNS information might be out of sync or lagging. Just need to make
sure they are serving up compatible/similar information. If xxx domain
is only hosted by a certain DNS server and the exchange server is
getting it from that one, but the MacOSX one isn't, then there is a
potential spot for the problem.

2) Does the Exchange server have any internal hard-coded host->IP
entries or routing rules for the domains with the problem?

Ie, domain masquerading for xxx domain on the exchange server, but not
on the MacOSX server?

3) Is there any host information which is residing in Active Directory
or LDAP/etc that isn't being accessed or referenced by the new host?

I second the idea that DNS is the cause of the problem. Since there
are potentially other host resources that exchange could be
referencing, it is worthwhile to determine if there are additional
rules that may have been missed.


Wing Wong
wingedpower at gmail.com

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