[X-Servers] Apple "Flat Rate" Service

Ted @ Mac tlanden at mac.com
Wed Dec 16 21:12:00 PST 2009

Even though this is not specific to one product, I found it interesting that I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THIS PROGRAM AND I am sure it will help other Mac heads.

I took a MBP to Apple the other day that I purchased in January of 2007.  The hard drive crashed a year ago and was well out of warranty. I replaced the drive myself and all I could get was a white screen on the LCD.  To make a long story short ... I researched online and found it was a common issue, but it was "VERY Expensive" to repair.  So I shelved it and purchased a MacBook Air.   I was reading something online and found an article saying that Apple was replacing the video card on some pervious models of MBP.  I pulled it out and called Apple and of course my did not have that model video card.  But I went ahead and made a Genius Bar appointment.  I am thinking the whole drive (ATL rush hour traffic) to the Apple Store that I was wasting my time.  I go in and explain what happened and he hooked it up, reproduced the problem, and took it to the back.  After a while he comes back and says they think it is the LCD screen because the screen came on (although white) and the external monitor worked.  He tells me about a program I have never heard of before.  For a flat fee ($315 for MBP) they send it to Apple Repair and they will repair it (no matter how many parts) for the flat rate of $315.  If there is any "accidental" damage (drop etc,) they will call you with an estimate for the repair.

I thought it was a no brainer $315 for a computer that is still worth over $1,000.  The battery had swelled and he replaced it for free and had me sign the paperwork for the new battery.  He enter the repair for the MBP and had me sign.  As I am walking out the store, I remembered I did not pay him anything.  I go back and ask, don't I need to pay you the $315?  He said no the service is on us, because of how he enter the battery replacement the service printed out with no charge.  So now I am waiting patiently for the MBP to arrive in the AM. (They overnight all the shipments.) The repair status actually says "REPAIRED"!!!

Enjoy your Mac....


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