[X-Unix] Re: tcsh

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Sun Jun 26 14:06:49 PDT 2005

Am 26.06.2005 um 22:23 schrieb ~flipper:

> I tried the locate, and it didn't work here (10.4.1/tcsh). Just got
> an immediate command prompt.

In that case you did not prepare the locate database. In Panther it's 
/usr/libexec/locate.updatedb (usually cron or anacron should run this 

> Isn't the mesg y supposed to be my 'greeting', from motd?

No. With mesg you can control whether other users can talk(1) or 
write(1) to you or your terminal device. There is man mesg, of course.

The motd contents is displayed when you do 'login' -- try 'man login' 
or simply do a login in Terminal!

> I don't recall using the $path to set PATH at all...time to hit the
> books... yesterday was too hot here to even read.

It's better to live in Old Europe! It's hot outside too, but we have 
real cool cellars ...



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