[X-Unix] Utility "ln" makes a copy instead of hard link?

Brian L. Matthews blmatthews at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 10:38:41 PDT 2006

>1.  Create a text file named "1.txt" containing the text "Dog".
>2.  Create a "hard link" by the command:
>         ln 1.txt
>     Expected result: Should create a "hard link" file
>     Actual result: Error message:
>         ln: ./1.txt: File exists

That's what I'd expect to happen. "ln 1.txt" is the same as "ln 1.txt 
./1.txt", but ./1.txt already exists (it's 1.txt). Try instead:

$ echo Dog >1.txt
$ mkdir 2
$ cd 2
$ ln ../1.txt

That should work and create a file in the 2 directory called 1.txt 
hardlinked to ../1.txt.

>3.  Retry to make a "hard link" by the command:
>         ln 1.txt 2.txt
>     Result: Now there are two files, 1.txt and 2.txt.
>4.  Open 1.txt and change contents to "Cat".
>5.  Save.
>6.  Open "2.txt" and read it.
>7.  Expected result: "Cat".
>8.  Actual result: "Dog"

How are you editing 1.txt? Some editors follow this procedure when 
writing a file:

write the file to a temp file
delete the original file
rename the temp file to have the same name as the original file

That breaks hard links. Instead of editing 1.txt, try:

$ echo Cat >1.txt

Then look at the 2.txt, and it should also contain Cat.

Also, if you do an ls -l, 1.txt and 2.txt should have a 2 after the 
permissions. That's the number of links to the file. Remove one of 
the two and it will drop to 1, add another hard link, it will 
increase, etc.


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