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Stroller macmonster at myrealbox.com
Thu Feb 2 13:58:45 PST 2006

On 2 Feb 2006, at 17:15, Simon Forster wrote:
> Can someone with a better understanding of the TCP networking  
> protocol than me tell me what should happen if machine B is  
> receiving a bunch of data, sending TCP ACKs quite cheerfully and  
> then machine A doesn't receive one of the ACKs? Who should jump in  
> next? My layman view is that machine A should resend its previous  
> bunch of data, to which machine B will again send an ACK...

My initial reaction to this is that "of course, that's right" but a  
glance at RFC1122 suggests the isn't actually so simple that it can  
be expressed that way. Nevertheless I think this is an extremely good  
basis for argument.

> A bit more detail for those interested: We're accepting (on machine  
> B) an HTTP file upload from a telco (sent by machine A) -  
> unfortunately, frequently the uploaded data is truncated  
> (particularly large files during busy times). I've looked at output  
> from tcpdump, and  can quite clearly see the data coming in from  
> machine A and ACKs going out fro machine B after every couple of  
> datagrams (terminology?). On the interrupted feeds, you'll see an  
> ACK go out... and then nothing. After 5 minutes, our server sends a  
> finish every one minute, after which a reset will be returned  
> (sometimes after a few finishes have been sent).

I would take the stance that this is pretty damning evidence that the  
other party's machine isn't doing it's job, although to be honest I'd  
feel happier if I were seeing it by packet-sniffing on a second  
machine (I bridged two network interfaces on a second machine and ran  
ethereal, I think, maybe snort, when I wanted to do this). There's  
surely no way to prove (with the equipment available to you) that the  
ACK packets are leaving your network past the ADSL router, but a  
reasonable log of what you're seeing should be sufficient to pass the  
onus onto the other party to prove that their machine isn't misbehaving.

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