[X-Unix] New Mini / Old Mini -- As a server

Kevin Stevens groups at pursued-with.net
Wed Mar 1 14:37:21 PST 2006

On Wed, 1 Mar 2006, Tom Shaw wrote:

>> I'm just kick starting PostFix with PostFix Enabler, entering a few domains 
>> and users for mail. Apache is pretty straight forward, although I have
> Its one thing to use postfix enabler to setup postfix for sending only but I 
> know of 2 folks that used it on a public IP for mail and they found out they 
> had open relays so make sure you check all your config files.
> Tom

I've had several problems with Postfix Enabler, and no longer use it.  At 
least once it wiped out my certs without warning.  My impression is that 
people who use it on previously unconfigured systems are ok, but it makes 
unwarranted/unverified assumptions about the configuration state of the 

I'm perfectly willing to believe that my results are atypical, and they're 
from early versions of the software, but it gave me enough grief on more 
than one occasion that I'm afraid to run it.


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