[X-Unix] Sending mail from the commandline?

David Ledger dledger at ivdcs.demon.co.uk
Sat Jan 26 03:23:43 PST 2008

At 09:52 +0000 26/1/08, Stroller wrote:
>On 26 Jan 2008, at 02:00, Kevin Stevens wrote:
>>  Yes, actually, it was.  However, I misread your command as 
>>IMail-something and assumed you were running a different 
>>application and weren't aware of mail.
>TjL: please note that this is an entirely logical assumption to come 
>to, considering your capitalisation of the command `Mail`.

At least one mainstream Unix has, or had, a 'Mail' which is/was an 
enhanced version of 'mail' in the same way that 'mailx' is. Of 
course, with a case insensitive filesystem that's no help.


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