[X4U] IPoverFirewire?

Stroller MacMonster at myrealbox.com
Sun Dec 5 20:29:38 PST 2004

On Dec 5, 2004, at 11:39 pm, silvo conticello wrote:

> I've tried it successfully last year (using jaguar), but it seems not 
> to be installable under Panther. Has anybody succeed to install it in 
> Panther?

You shouldn't need to "install" anything under Panther.

I thought it should be plug & go, and believed that if you connect 2 
Macs with a firewire cable zeroconf should do everything - each machine 
should allocate itself a 169.x.y.z address.

However I see there are also options in network preferences that you 
may wish to look at. See <http://mac.stroller.uk.eu.org/Network.gif>. 
The cut-outy bit is what happens when you press the "add" button.


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