[X4U] Slow safari

Samantha Cornell samantha at netresults.biz
Fri Dec 10 05:51:01 PST 2004

I'm guess it's not a problem with my system.

I'm going to try mozilla, has anyone had any success with their browser?

I liked that Safari was compact, and didn't have all the extra features 
that I don't need.  What browsers are other people using?



On Dec 9, 2004, at 8:26 PM, Al Grappone wrote:

>> I have noticed for the past few weeks that after being open for a 
>> while (15 minutes or so), safari seems to be slowing down.  This is 
>> most noticeable on ebay, when I click on something it appears to 
>> freeze for 15 seconds or so, then begins to load.  It is almost 
>> reminiscent of my dial-up days.  If iI then go to another sight - say 
>> apple.com or cnn.com...it continues to be slow.
>> This does not occur on other browsers...but I seem to be attached to 
>> Safari.
>> It may have began when I last updated, but I'm not sure.
>> Any ideas?  I have, of course, repaired permissions and dumped the 
>> cache.
>> Thanks!
>> Samantha
> Same here.

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