[X4U] Help with MPEG-4 and iMac

Cover, Chris CoverC at wpunj.edu
Mon Dec 13 06:23:31 PST 2004

Either or, it doesn't matter. The dvd players now a days can read just about
any disk you throw at them.

On 12/10/04 4:37 PM, "B.ru c-e €K1u-tch-k0" <AppleRocket at NoSpamMail.net>

> On 12/10/04 3:37 PM, "Cover, Chris" <CoverC at wpunj.edu> wrote:
>> Well you could burn an MPEG-4 file to a VCD but it would have to be
>> re-emcoded as an MPEG-1 file. What I have done is gone out and purcased a
>> Phillips DVD player that also playes MPEG -1,2,4  and DiVX files so I don't
>> have to do any conversion at all. Best of all I can put far more content on
>> 1 disc.
> But you have to burn all the files to a DVD, not a VCD, right?

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