[X4U] PPC 9600 issue

Cover, Chris CoverC at wpunj.edu
Tue Dec 14 08:53:26 PST 2004

I have/had a similar issue with an 8600/250 that has an internal SCSI RAID
and a FW/USB card in it. I always thought it was the SCSI card that was the
cause of the problem. Perhaps not.

On 12/14/04 9:46 AM, "Ted Burton" <egburton at cableone.net> wrote:

> At 9:33 AM +0100 on 12/14/04, Antonino Cuscina' spoke about [X4U] PPC
> 9600 issue thusly:
>> i have a problem with my PPC 9600/OS 9.1 and two firewire hds
>> connected to it, that is,
>> i can't copy files to and from the two firewire and the internal
>> hds, i mean can transfer
>> small files of say 4 kb like aliases but when i try to pass larger
>> ones the copy window
>> stuck and freezes the mac which i have to restart; i can copy files
>> through the internal hds
>> with no problem and the strange thing is that the same error comes
>> also when i try to transfer
>> files from one firewire hd to the second and vice-versa
> I once owned a G3/266 that has been handed off to a son at college,
> and now use a G4 PowerBook. An external FW hard drive used with the
> G3 misbehaved as you describe above. The FW ran off a PCI card with
> USB and FW ports. With the G3, with which I used the FW drive for a
> year or more, what you describe drove me up the wall. Under OS X the
> behavior turned out to be a Finder crash. The chip set in the FW
> drive turned out to be relevant as well in some chatter I was reading
> at the time. An Oxford chip set was preferred.
> With my G4 PowerBook the external FW drive works like a charm.
> It strikes me as a hypothesis only, that the FW drive could send and
> demand data too fast for the card to handle, or the card the same
> with the PCI bus, somehow or other.

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