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Birgit Rhoads wdlnd at adelphia.net
Wed Dec 22 06:59:14 PST 2004

No help here, but Amazon sent me a double order.  There is no place to 
check off this complaint on returns.  They want me to pay for shipping 
on return.  I am keeping the "double" for myself;).  I am not happy 
with Amazon this year.  They turned themselves into Yahoo shopping, 
sending you to other stores to buy your items and then you have to pay 
shipping too.
On Dec 22, 2004, at 8:54 AM, Roy van der Westhuizen wrote:

> Hi there, I wonder if anyone on this list can help me.
> I ordered items from Amazon.co.uk on 4 December. I received a mail 
> confirming their despatch by international mail later that day. 
> However when I went in after a week to check the progress of my order, 
> it says no orders have been despatched during the last 30 days and the 
> other optional time periods.
> There seems to be no enquiries or complaints email contact address. 
> The "Help" link is pretty unhelpful.
> Amazon.com also seems to be like that. In the past orders have always 
> been despatched and sent and arrived, so I have never encountered this 
> problem.
> Very [OT] for this list, but maybe someone has had experience with a 
> similar problem.
> Regards,
> Roy
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