[X4U] iPod, PC, & FW or USB 2.0

Spoolman Nancy nanc at spoolman.com
Tue Dec 28 10:44:35 PST 2004

I just wanted everyone to know that the issue with the newer iPods and 
PC's can be (for the most part) resolved by buying an Adaptec 4300 
Firewire card. Infact, it's recommended for iPods right on the 
packaging. I installed it on the PC, booted, the iPod reformat window 
appeared and we were off. Took about 20 minutes to copy the 803 songs 
he had.

So, if anyone has a PC and are trying to get their iPod to work, buy 
the Adaptec 4300 firewire card before you try anything else. It seems 
even the USB 2.0 cards are flakey.


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