[X4U] Favorite Brand Of Hard Drive

Alric J. Lam Alric.J.Lam at Dartmouth.EDU
Wed Dec 29 07:51:46 PST 2004

--- You wrote:
I have bought several brands of internal ATA hard drives in the last few
years, with varied results. Before I purchase any more of them, I would like
to take a quick survey to see what people on this list prefer.

My basic requirements are: 7200 rpm - 8 MB buffer - 200 or 250 gig hard

- the name brands I'm interested in hearing about are:

- Hitachi
- Western Digital
- Maxtor
- Other Major brands
--- end of quote ---

My 200gb hitachi is a little noisy, but fairly fast.  I actually really like my Samsung 160 GB SATA, its really quiet and has a nice long warranty (3 years).  I dont think WD or Maxtor offer that?

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