[X4U] Voice recorder for OSX

Michael Elliott michaelelliott at mac.com
Sun Jul 4 21:16:10 PDT 2004

As a physician, I've used several models of Olympus' voice recorders.  
They have OS X native software that you can download from their web 
site.  It works identically to the Windows version, at least from my 
point of view.  Looks better, too :-)

On this topic, the file format of the Olympus is .dss.   Unfortunately, 
I can't find another program out there that can convert .dss into 
another format.  I've tried playing the files while using Audio 
Hijack/Pro  but still can't seem to find a way to record this. Very 



On Jul 04, 2004, at 5:02 PM, Randy B. Singer wrote:

>> Does anybody know if there are voice recorders OSX compatible?
>> e.g. producing file downloadable by the Mac and convertible to aac/mp3
>> I've the feeling the only ones are the Olympus, but I'd prefere to be
>> wrong...
> The only company that I know of that has made an effort to specifically
> be compatible with the Macintosh for this purpose is Olympus. 

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