[X4U] Microsoft Applications NEVER cause OS X system crashes --you?? (Modified by John McDaniel)

Phillip Zannini • phillip at globalsync.net
Fri Jul 9 07:52:33 PDT 2004

On 7/7/04 1:30 PM, "Eugene Lee" <list-themacintoshguy at fsck.net> wrote:
> Then Eugene Lee wrote:
> Cool, what you re-wrote is much clearer.
> But it still doesn't make sense.  In my own experience, ever since I've
> used OS X starting with the Public Beta, I have never had any OSX-native
> M$ app cause or be the most likely culprit to cause OS X to crash.
> Anyone else?

You're kidding right?  While my experience on my G4 1GHz TiBook has been
fairly great (max out ram and cache) and I very rarely have to restart
because of a crash.

On the other hand - my wife's G3 Dual USB iBook (which I've got maxed out as
well)  hasn't stopped crashing since 10.3.  It crashes running Safari, Mail,
IE, kids games - you name it.

I don't know what the problem is.  It seems recent.  It crashes all the
time.  I've run every utility I have on it.  Don't know if it is related to
the logic board - we've only had one time (and only at startup) where the
screen has been doing the flickering thing.

To be honest - it has been crashing as bad as running a PC with Win 98 - 1st

Any thoughts?


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