[X4U] help for failed boot from all firewire volumes; repeating getty and signal 5

Wayne Clodfelter wayne at troutnc.com
Sat Jul 10 06:06:38 PDT 2004

Perhaps I wasn't clear, John, I used XPF while on the beige in an 
attempt to install Panther. The installation failed and left me unable 
to boot from any and all firewire volumes which, previous to the 
Panther install attempt, had not been a problem.
Now that I am on the AGP Graphics G4, which already has Panther 
installed, I find that the problem booting from any and all firewire 
volumes still persists. Is that clearer?

As I read the article you referenced, I don't believe it is relevant to 
this discussion, as the AGP Graphics G4 was initially released with OS 
8.6.1. So I should only be concerned if trying to run 8.6.1 of an 
earlier build than that given for the AGP Graphics G4 (or OS earlier 
than 8.6.1, obviously).

What I am looking for, here, is for some kind and knowledgeable soul to 
tell me what the heck a "getty" is, and what may be causing it to 
repeat too quickly on port   /dev/console, sleeping.

And what is causing the crashdump to be terminated by signal 5 in 
crashreporterd, and what might be generating the signal 5.

As in the repeating message lines when the boot hangs:
/usr/libexec/crashreporterd: crashdump terminated by signal 5
init/ getty repeating too quickly on port    /dev/console, sleeping

Somebody somewhere probably knows what this means. How do I find 
someone who does?

Thanks for trying to help.

On Jul 10, 2004, at 2:47 AM, John Baltutis wrote:

> On 07/09/04, Wayne Clodfelter <wayne at troutnc.com> wrote:
>> Stranger than friction.
>> I recently moved--hopefully up--to an AGP Graphics G4/500 from my 
>> beige
>> G3 (G4/467 ZIF) because I grew weary of massaging the system to jump
>> through increasingly more sophisticated OS X hoops. My attempt to
>> install Panther via XPostFacto 3 failed, and left me unable to boot
>> back into my trusty and well working 10.2.8 firewire volume. Or any
>> firewire volume, for that matter.
> Why would you use XPostFacto to install Panther on a G4/500. It doesn't
> need it. Also, see 
> <http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=25784>,
> which might explain why a 10.2.8 installlation keyed to a G3 might not 
> be
> able to boot a G4.



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