Writing a Script for Mail

Crazy Miz B of the Crazed Cowboys paula at crazedcowboys.com
Wed Jul 28 12:09:39 PDT 2004

	From: 	  paula at communitymx.com
	Subject: 	Writing a Script for Mail
	Date: 	July 28, 2004 1:25:44 PM CDT
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I have never written a script in my life before, so bear with me....I 
wish I could help more in return, but don't know enough!

I want to have select an email, decide it's junk, mark it junk, and 
make it go away to the trash can---but using just a couple easy 
keystrokes. I want this to happen while it's in "training" mode" so 
that eventually it may learn what true junk is! When I'm NOT in 
training mode it automatically puts in trash for me so that's already 
taken care of.

Right now I'm doing the whole thing manually, and my arthritis is close 
to making that impossible soon...RATS! I hate this aging thing! (Tho 
there are good parts.)

Right now I
-select email
-mark junk
-delete it
-move to next email
-that one opens yadda yadda yadda

Can anybody give me a hand? I'm using Mac Mail version 1.3.8., 
on--obviously--my G4 using Panther.

Thanks a bunch, if so, and even if you can't help :  )

Miz B
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