[X4U] Software for uploading photos

Allan Hise allan at hise.org
Thu Mar 10 22:55:56 PST 2005

On Thu, 10 Mar 2005, John Lyon wrote:

> I really like gallery, particularly with the plug-in that allows me to post
> pictures directly from iPhoto. Mmmm. Shineee.

Firefly fan?

> I'm almost certain that I can create accounts for people that determine
> whether they can upload files.

Yes, this is possible. Quite easy, actually. The hard part is getting
those other people to actually use it.

> There is a learning curve in getting it installed on your website, and in
> learning how to use/administer it.

True, but I think that is understandable for this software - it is
incredibly comprehensive web photo gallery software, with multi-album
capability, online printing, watermarking, .... I could go on. It has a
lot of stuff in it. After getting it installed, it just works. There are
occasional security updates (security problems tend to affect your gallery
only, and not ther rest of the server) and occasional feature updates.


> On 3/10/05 2:19 AM, "Allan Hise" <allan at hise.org> either wrote, forwarded or
> quoted:
> > It is more of the whole widget rather than just adding the uploading bits,
> > but you could install gallery.
> >
> > http://gallery.menalto.com/
> >
> > Freeware, cross platform, works great in OS X. Easy to use. Not too tough
> > to install.
> >
> > Allan

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