[X4U] was migrating from one computer to another

Kansas Territory kansast at mac.com
Mon Mar 21 20:49:44 PST 2005

Just wanted to thank everyone for there replies on my question 
regarding migrating from one computer to another.

After much thought.. and much confusing to ever actually finding the 
"migrate assistant" or what ever it was called, and  I didn't have.
I started to think..

My original G4..  originally ran 0S9...   installed the first version 
of OSX.. and have updated continually ever since.     At one point I 
had installed the developer tools..   I had installed my own versions 
of Apache, postgresql, mysql and my own BDS file utilities software.. 
like  "ls"  and "df" and "dh" commands.. had installed some other 
command line utilities..  ncftp   for example.
Hand crafted bash_profile files   .. and Third party hacks etc..     I 
decided I would take this newly acquired  Dual G4, and START OVER FROM 
started off with a 10.3 install..  and thankfully to my cable modems, 
the countless upgrades from Apple did not take long.

was able to use iSync to quickly update my iCal, Address Book and 
safari bookmarks.

Thought maybe this time around I would try some of these 'hacks'   and 
run with a straight system for awhile.

This newly installed dual G4 system..  just completely blows away my 
original G4/450

iPhoto is just an amazing quick program.. it was so freakin' slow on my 
G4/450, that it became not much fun.

Anyways, that was the route I picked.

Thanks again for the replies.


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