[X4U] Mail chokes on AOL emails?

Scott McCulloch mylists at ascottmcculloch.com
Tue Mar 22 22:26:33 PST 2005


I've just come across something interesting with Mail, and wondering if 
anyone else has experienced this before.

I got an email from someone on AOL (not 100% sure that's the relevant 
part), and when I tried to "Reply", no reply email window opened. I hit 
"Reply" again... nothing. I hit "Reply All"... nothing. So I quit and 
relaunched Mail. It opened with the three reply email windows ready to 
go, but empty - no quoted email content there at all. So I got rid of 
them and tried again... and again nothing. Then I did 
View->Message->Plain Text Alternative, and then hit "Reply" again - 
this time, the reply message window opened as it should.

Anyone else experiencing anything similar? Or know what's going on? Is 
it a known bug that emails from AOL will have this problem?


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