[X4U] iTunes Limits ???

Craig A. Finseth fin at finseth.com
Tue Mar 29 06:49:32 PST 2005

I have a 30GB iPod and about 6500 songs.  This is roughly 500 CDs, or
about 1/40th of your collection.

Performance got a little sluggish on my icebook, but it was OK.  The
UI was straining to handle that much data, but again, it was OK.

The real question is what other choices do you have, short of writing
your own?  A lot of music management programs are designed to shuffle
a (comparative) handful of CDs to or from a flash device

One thing that you can do with iTunes that should work just fine is to
have multiple libraries (e.g., Rock vs. Clasical vs. Showtunes), which
helps keep the total size down.


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