[X4U] broken pipe?+

Cornett cornett at gol.com
Tue Mar 29 19:00:27 PST 2005

x4u Listas All
Hi!, I am hoping for your advice and help.

I'm new to OSX and am hoping for some insight into a weird
warning that popped up following an unstuff of an installer
for NSv7.2 and then my double clicking of the resulting .dmg
file for attempt at install onto OSX.3 on my Bondi iMac. This 
is repeatable, even with another DL and copy over BWO Toast 
Files & Folders CD-R disk burned on my other Net connected 

Also, while here I'd best ask if'n there is a way to move my 
complete OS9.x Netscape User Folder into OSX.3 to have it
seen and used by NSv7.2?, if'n I can ever get that installed
that is. fyi- there is no OS9.x System installed.

Oh, and just one more; this ol' iMac's HD is only 10Gb, and
5400rpm slow, I've got both; a 40Gb and a 120Gb new IBM
Seagate ata100/7200rpm hard drives on hand, which would 
get your best vote to install replacing the ol' 10Gb with?, and 
how best to move what I've got on the 10Gb HD over to the 
new HD w/o any Firewire capability(Sonnet's Harmoni is 
known and way OT for my empty pockets) on this ol' iMac?

TIA for all your help, advice, and suggestions.

Respectful of GURUs
Bill Cornett
- setup = Bondi TL iMac/300Mhz/MaxRAM/OSX.3 -

"There are three kinds of men:
 Those who learn by reading.
 Those who learn by observation.
 And those who just have to pee on the electric fence for themselves."


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