[X4U] Another iPhoto Question

Richard Gilmore rgilmor at uwo.ca
Wed Mar 30 10:15:23 PST 2005

I just got my iMac G5 20 inch! Woo Hoo! I've sucessfully transferred all my
files over from my G4 now I'm starting to use iPhoto 5 and I cannot figure
how to import my photos from Sony digital camera. In iPhoto 4 I would plug
the camera in and it would launch automatically and there would be the
import button and it would say Sony Digital Camera but iPhoto 5 doesn't
appear to work that way. When I plug the camera in it launches the same way
but there is no import button I can see and nowhere could I find an import
command. I can still drag the files off the camera but not directly into
iPhoto 5. I must be missing something really obvious and stupid?

Also I noticed with the G5 that even when the computer is shut down there is
still power coming from the Firewire ports. My G4 iMac did not do this is
this normal?



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