[X4U] Another iPhoto Question

Todd Crider toddlist at wilkinsonprinting.com
Wed Mar 30 11:22:55 PST 2005

Goto the file pull down menu - select "Add to Library"

On 3/30/05 1:15 PM, "Richard Gilmore"  composed:

> I just got my iMac G5 20 inch! Woo Hoo! I've sucessfully transferred all my
> files over from my G4 now I'm starting to use iPhoto 5 and I cannot figure
> how to import my photos from Sony digital camera. In iPhoto 4 I would plug
> the camera in and it would launch automatically and there would be the
> import button and it would say Sony Digital Camera but iPhoto 5 doesn't
> appear to work that way. When I plug the camera in it launches the same way
> but there is no import button I can see and nowhere could I find an import
> command. I can still drag the files off the camera but not directly into
> iPhoto 5. I must be missing something really obvious and stupid?
> Also I noticed with the G5 that even when the computer is shut down there is
> still power coming from the Firewire ports. My G4 iMac did not do this is
> this normal?
> Thanx
> Richard 
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